Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Sauna first appeared in Sweden and then moved across to the other Scandinavian member countries, Denmark, and Norway. It's main function was designed to purify the skin and rejuvenate the blood flow throughout the body. Those who experience the use of a Sauna show a warm healthy glow on the skin and feel totally revitalized. Around the time of the Nineteen Seventies it was quickly recognized by other European countries that there was a market for this type of treatment and it very soon became a major part of health and fitness training programs. It was not too long before the Sauna became an integral part of modern fitness and health centers equipment With sauna belt .

The popularity of the Sauna just grew and grew, and is now recognized throughout, not just Europe, but the World.

Not only is the Sauna used in modern health and fitness centers, but they are very much in use by private home dwellers. The recognition of the health benefits derived from this wonder treatment became a must have for those who wanted a cleansing of the skin. This cleansing is done by warm dry air reaching a required temperature. This of course would depend on the amount of heat the user felt they could bear. Those who are regular users can take more heat than a person just beginning to experience the treatment. It is wise to start off slowly and check the temperature before entering.

The temperature is controlled by a special heat gauge which is fitted electronically to the heater. If a person wishes to increase the heat, they can adjust the gauge and add water which is provided in a wooden bucket and ladle.

The water is poured over the special lava stones which are set inside the special burner. This function gives a short burst of moist hot air and increases the heat momentarily which obviously raises the body temperature producing more perspiration as it opens the pores and releases excess body fluids. The amount of time one needs to spend in a Sauna is a personal choice, some people can withstand the heat much better than others so care must be taken when first using this form of treatment with sauna belt .

Most health centers and fitness clubs will have a written list of precautions pinned outside, usually just beside the door, explaining what one must be aware of before entering a Sauna. It is wise to follow these instructions, and if necessary ask for advice if one has a medical problem.

Once one has experienced the benefits of cleaner glowing skin, a stronger blood flow, and an overall feeling of revitalization and well being.

There is nothing more relaxing after a hard training session, or a tough day at work, than to sit down in the warmth of a Sauna and just let the cares and strains of the day seep away as you feel the comforting heat gently soothe deep into your tired body.

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